Man Who Decided To Spend More Time With Family Declared ‘Slackoff Asshole’ By Guild

Here at Nerfwire, we hate to see someone waste their potential on less important things.  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Gregory Haas has done: he;s decided to spend more time with his family and has been rightfully declared a “slackoff asshole” by his guild chat.

“The nerve of some people is unreal,” says Gnomeknows, main tank for the guild Night Elf Supremacy and man who has no social obligations outside World of Warcraft. “Who does he think he is? I spend most of my day preparing to raid, and most of the raid yelling at people on Discord. Between that, I sleep, cry, and try to not be introspective in any way. That’s the WoW grindset you really need if you’re committed, unlike Greg. Those kids don’t even put out much DPS and he’s still focusing them exclusively. He didn’t even say ‘wife/kid aggro,’ so I give him zero benefit of the doubt.”

While many in the guild are calling Haas out for his irresponsibility, there are even critics within his own family.

“It’s a serious red flag,” says Jennifer Haas, wife of deadbeat, no-good, can’t-even-get-a-decent-parse-on-hunter Gregory Haas. “When you marry a man, you expect him to follow through on his obligations. Seeing him ignore the most important people in his life, his guildies, makes me think he can’t be trusted in the less important things, like raising a family or making car payments. Yesterday, our daughter came up to me with tears in her eyes asking why daddy was too busy playing with her to help his guildmates get Kara attuned. I had to go into the other room to cry. It’s destroying our family.”

Disturbingly, when reached for comment, Haas declined to make a statement, saying that he “had to take his son to soccer practice.” Disgusting.

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