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Nerfwire is the oldest established gaming publication in the world, originally founded alongside The New York Post in 1801 by founding father Alexander Hamilton. In the mission statement for the publication, Hamilton cited the importance of a gaming journalism institution that could accurately and quickly report on gaming news in the infancy of the United States.

To forge a journalism institution that appeals not to the powerful few, but to the 18 to 35-year-old gaming demographic.

—Alexander Hamilton

Two centuries later, Nerfwire remains a pillar of integrity in gaming journalism, providing the best reporting for gaming consumers across the globe. Held in the high esteem of many giants in the tech and gaming industries, Nerfwire is trusted by industry professionals and gaming enthusiasts alike.

The resplendent curvature and utterly electrifying presence of Nerfwire’s distinguished logo sparked in my mind the primordial essence of what would mature into my discovery and implementation of the alternating current power system. In no small measure, Nerfwire aided in the development of the future of all mankind.

—Nikola Tesla

Nerfwire has never accepted solicitation that might in some way interfere with an unbiased, accurate review. Any developers or publishers who wish to solicit Nerfwire for anything but an unbiased and accurate review by sending their correspondence to [email protected] (only offers over $1000 USD considered) will be ignored and reported to the appropriate authorities.

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