Tyler1 Announces 3-Year Plan To Evolve Into Graveler

Twitch streamer and man composed of Powerpoint circles Tyler1 recently shocked his fans with a stunning announcement. During a live stream, soon after friending and arguing with his seventeenth Korean player of the week, Tyler1 announced his three-year life plan to finally evolve into Graveler.

“Hey, guys. I got something important to say,” said the rock/ground type streamer as he leaned forward towards his webcam. “Thanks for the ten, TylerPlayOutlast. I won’t. Stop asking. Anyway, lifting this morning, and I thought, I think it’s time I evolve into Graveler. I’d be able to lift twice as many free weights at once. I could even play two games of League and finally carry these shitty players on this stupid fucking server. No, I won’t go to Golem. I don’t want those T-Rex arms. Also don’t want to be traded. Thanks for the four-twenty, DeekHandler69.”

Nerfwire reached out to Pokémon expert and Tyler1 tier 1 subscriber Professor Oak for his opinion.

“Typically, when a Geodude has gone this long in life, we recommend just ordering an Everstone off of Amazon and holding onto that,” explained Oak while handing out violent and dangerous Pokémon to children. “Evolving physically and mentally changes Geodude. Tyler1 might become less toxic, losing him thousands of fans. It would be impossible to stop him from evolving if he chose to do so, however. Even if we spammed B, he would just scream ‘I’m built different’ and evolve anyway.”

On a stream that eclipsed the viewer count of legal expert Asmongold’s take on Depp v. Heard, Tyler1 laid out the entire process of his evolution.

“I need like 600 more experience points, so I need to kill eight dozen deer,” Tyler1 explained while streaming in the woods. He then announced his intention to stream each of the kills before Quick Attacking a deer and finishing it off with a Rock Blast. Reportedly, Tyler1 is currently only killing male deer in order to properly EV train for Attack.

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