Halo Reach On PC Still Requires Friend’s Xbox To Play It

“When you’re making a PC port, especially one that is this far estranged from its original release date, it’s important to cover your bases on a couple of things,” says Michael Dugginson, the transition project manager for the new Halo collection that launched on Steam last month. “You’ve got to make sure to capture the original experience, to give your original fan base that little piece of their childhood back, and make it competitive in a modern gaming market. What I think really captured that original base of players is our requirement to go over to your friend’s house and use his Xbox in order to play it.”

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a blast to the past for many players, and with future promises to open up the franchise’s old forge mode, many players are excited at the prospect of getting extra mileage out of a childhood favorite. “Yeah, it’s a given that we were all going to be pumped for this game, and it’s great that they really got the port right,” says Steam user Rob “GreyBalloon” Iverson. “I just wish I didn’t have to go over to Tanner’s house every time I play it. Like, sure, it’s good to see him again, but ever since I moved the guy is like three towns over, and we haven’t been that close since high school so it’s weird being in his house all the time.”

Other players seem to share the same sentiment—they’re thrilled that the port is so polished, especially after the litany of travesties that gamers have had to endure in that respect—but they still wish that they didn’t have to go to Tanner, Chase, Dean, or Tyler’s house to do it. “It’s good to reconnect with Scott, yeah, but I just don’t know if we’re on good enough terms to spend whole weekends together. And his parents got a divorce so now his Mom hits on me all day,” complains Antonio “ReadtheSidebar” Barry.

“It was cool that they priced the collection at $40 instead of, like, a full-priced game,” says Douglas Hemmings, the last person Nerfwire interviewed for the story. “Just wish I didn’t have to fly back home to fucking Utah every time I want to play it.”

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