Inclusivity Win! PS5 Will Have No Arms Or Legs

Hot on the heels of the news that Cyberpunk 2077 will have a gender-free character creator comes another huge win for inclusivity in games. Today, Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 will have no arms or legs; in fact, it’ll hardly have any autonomous motor function whatsoever!

Obviously, this level of representation is huge for disabled people. Quadriplegics and quadruple amputees, in particular, don’t have many badass heroes they can empathize with. It’s incredibly heartwarming to see a major corporation using one of its most highly-anticipated releases to take a stand, ensuring that our disabled friends, neighbors, and family feel welcome in the gaming community.

Upon being asked what led to this groundbreaking design decision, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida had this to say: “Why would it have arms or legs?” Too true, Mr. Yoshida! Fully-abled people are not the default!

This unprecedented landmark of disabled rights has led many to speculate on what else Sony has in store for the next generation of consoles. It’s been theorized that the PS5 will also be absent of any skin, muscles, circulatory system, nervous system, digestive tract, reproductive organs, or pituitary glands, but let’s not jump on the hype train before anything gets officially confirmed. So, Mr. Yoshida, the people are dying to know: what can we expect in terms of moving parts?

“Well, it’ll have a disk drive that pops in and out, so you can play games, as well as CDs and DVDs,” Kenichiro continues. “Although many will prefer to download or stream their entertainment. But that’s about it for external movement, unless you count the LEDs, I guess. Which publication did you say you represented?”

Cagey as always, Mr. Yoshida! Sadly, he can’t be expected to give away too much inside information prior to the official announcements, but we can’t wait to see what else Sony has in store, and how the console will compare to the new Xbox, which is rumored to be a gay black woman.

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