Top 5 Most Offensive Universes Cut From Multiverse Of Madness

Sam Raimi is no stranger to controversy. From having Spider-Man insult a wrestler with homophobic insults, to subjecting us to his brother’s acting, the director always delivers some special spice in his movies. Today we will discuss some of the many universes cut from Raimi’s new Doctor Strange sequel for being too offensive.

Bruce Campbell Universe

Sam Raimi really let himself go too far by wasting 30 million dollars of his budget on a now-deleted universe where everyone and everything was portrayed by Bruce Campbell. The big-chinned actor spent four weeks filming each character’s dialogue, including a sex scene between Campbell-Strange and Cambell-Rachel-McAdams.

Minstrel Show Universe

Doctor Strange travels to a dimension in which every character has their face covered in shoe polish and sings songs about how much they miss working on farms down south. Strange makes a meta-quip about Benedict Cumberbatch’s role in 12 Years A Slave, and Wong is introduced frequently to the sound of a gong and a melody played on a bamboo flute.

Universe With Fully Realized Gay Characters

One of the most terrifying universes for Marvel accountants, this universe, distinctly different from the one that mainstream MCU inhabits, featured LGBT characters with wants, needs, and deep enough importance to the story that they can’t be cut from foreign releases. Terrifyingly, they even include a kiss between two gay characters in focus in the foreground, rather than just having them hold hands in the background.

Universe Where They Personally Criticize You, The Viewer

The original Raimi cut of the film would have featured an uninterrupted twenty-minute shot of Doctor Strange looking directly into the camera and speaking ill of you personally. Using innovative AI-generated speech and extensive doxing of your personal information, Cumberbatch’s rendered likeness would have told you all of the things he finds wrong with you. This ranges from failing to pay your credit card bill on time to choosing to see another bland MCU movie instead of Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.

Our Current World

Most disturbing of all, Doctor Strange was meant to travel to the world we all inhabit. There, he meets the actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who is forced to forgo acting in theater and art-house films due to an extremely aggressive contract with an evil corporation. This version of the film would have ended with Dr. Strange publicly executing Kevin Feige on national television.

Besides these horribly offensive worlds, we’ve also heard rumors of Sam Raimi wanting to include a universe in which Marvel movies had creative expression again, but this concept was quickly scrapped by the studio.

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