With E3 Over, We Can Finally Contemplate That Crushing Emptiness

E3 2021 ended last week, and we’ve finally had time to process all of the announcements! From Elden Ring to Battlefield 2042 to Shin Megami Tensei V and many, many more, we had enough news to chew on for about a week or so before the existential horror began to creep back in. Now that we don’t have a slurry of gaming news to distract us from our own thoughts, we can finally contemplate the suffocating emptiness that awaits us within every quiet moment spent alone. Talk about Metroid Dread!

The Guerrilla Collective indie showcase brought us a unique deck-building puzzle game called Demon’s Mirror, whose title can’t help but remind us of the murky black void that stares back at us every time we see our barely recognizable reflection. The dark circles underscoring our cold, lifeless gaze are a constant reminder of our fragility, the fleeting nature of our vapid distractions, and the endless oblivion marching closer with each brief, lonely day. We don’t know about you, but we’re enduring more psychological horror than Doki Doki Literature Club, which is getting an expanded edition on June 30!

Eventually, all must crumble to dust and vanish upon the wind, but the Borderlands franchise is still going strong with a new spin-off title, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands! This game within a game takes place in Tina’s DnD-like tabletop RPG: yet another escapist fantasy in case just one wasn’t enough to stave off the shadows that keep getting longer and deeper. Nightmare after terrible nightmare lurches forth from the inescapable abyss lurking just on the edge of your mind, and just at the bottom of your Steam backlog.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will be completely free to play, which means you’ll be able to waste countless hours playing it with the so-called “friends” you don’t really love, and who don’t really love you back. The mortifying prospect of vulnerability has made certain that your relationships are nothing more than hollow, piecemeal facsimiles of genuine human connection, like something a child would glue together with popsicle sticks. Here’s where we make a joke about the despair being “infinite,” because we have nothing left.

We hope this article has given you just a brief moment of respite before you must inevitably return to the unbearable ordeal of sentience. The Breath of the Wild sequel comes out in 2022, though, so stick around.

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