Simulation Game So Specific, Only Developer Plays It

It’s called Simulator Simulator, and there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of it. It’s available on Steam, and the stats show an average concurrent player count of exactly one—the game’s developer, Adam Nelson. When asked what Simulator Simulator is about, Nelson replies, “It’s a simulation game that does its best to be a perfect recreation of the experience of playing Simulator Simulator.” We had to know more about this elusive hidden gem, so we tucked in for a full interview.

“The game is painstakingly designed to make you feel like you’re really playing Simulator Simulator,” Nelson explains, taking some time out of his busy schedule of developing the game, a process that takes place within Simulator Simulator. “But, of course, you’re not playing Simulator Simulator. You’re playing something very near Simulator Simulator, that is, of course, simulated.”

When asked whether it was possible to play the “original” Simulator Simulator, as opposed to the simulated Simulator Simulator, Nelson only smiles knowingly at our reporters, as if this hadn’t been a particularly bright question—a similar expression to when we had asked him whether or not a Battle Royale DLC would become available.

The interview leaves us with more questions than when we started. Turning to the Steam page for answers, we find some fairly beefy hardware requirements as well a single review rating the game as “very realistic” that seems to be from Nelson himself. The store page also consists of several images from the game, which appear to show Nelson sitting at his desk, typing into a laptop which displays an image of Nelson sitting at his desk, typing into a laptop, and so on. The game is forty dollars.

By press time, Nelson had been arrested and charged with laundering money through the Steam store.

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