Delidding Your CPU And Other Ways To Fuck Up Your Whole Weekend

Well, you’ve gone and done it: you just started this whole thing off trying to get better temps on your processor, and now you don’t even have a working system, and you’re going to have to replace one of the most expensive parts of your rig, the very brains of your entire setup. You’re starting to wish you’d bought one of those things that pops the IHS off for you, but no, you decided to cut that sucker off with a razor blade. Well, don’t fret: now that you’ve already royally fucked up by trying to delid your CPU, here’s Nerfwire’s favorite other ways to just absolutely ruin your entire weekend.

1. Your perfectly good, never-overheating RAM sure could use new heat spreaders!

That’s right—your RAM is perfectly good as is, but you’re just trying to salvage this weekend’s DIY failure in any way possible, so you’re gonna pop one of those suckers out and try prying that heat spreader off, ripping chips right off of the PCB. But don’t worry, that RAM currently costs about 30% more than when you bought it originally.

2. Fuck it: custom, hard-line water cooling

Sure, you could wait for all the proper materials, but there’s nothing truly better than trying to bend rigid piping that you heated with a lighter and using a slew of adapters and rubber O-rings you have lying around to turn your already-non-functional setup into a leaky aquarium, minus the fish, or any lighting inside, because you just leaked tap water all over your PSU.

3. Shave your head and run into the hills in search of a new life

Yep, this isn’t working—you’re a few hundred in the hole at this point at least, and it’s really making you question whether you even want to live in a material world anymore. It’s time to strip yourself of your past, let it fall to the bathroom floor from the snip snip of your scissors, and take off into the hills to go live with the birds. You find a rock by the river. Your frustrations wash away. Is this peace?

Nope. Kinda boring, and there’s bugs on this rock. It was time to upgrade to Ryzen anyway.

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