Guy On Tinder Looking For ‘Good Comp’

“I need synergy in my relationship,” reports local gamer Mark Cooper, who writes in his Tinder bio that he’s looking for a “good comp.” Considering that the decision of whether to swipe left or right is made in a fraction of a second, Mark is developing a new strat to help him find the guild partner of his dreams, or at least a quick dungeon run now and again.

Other techniques such as “6 feet cause apparently that matters” and “looking for the Pam to my Jim” may be the meta, but Mark describes them as C-tier at best, citing the importance of selecting an optimal matchup if the two of you are going to XP life together. “I’m much more of a DPS kinda guy, so I need a girl who can support me both emotionally and with top-tier sustain,” he continues.

Social psychologist Griffith Langhorn notes that Cooper is hardly unique in his approach to LFG, explaining that recent trends seem to indicate an increasing sense of “strategic competitiveness” in the modern e-dating scene. “People are getting tired of casually dating,” he claims. “More and more single players are seriously looking to climb the ladder of competitive relationships, and they don’t want to be held back by a subpar comp.”

Tinder can be cutthroat, but Mark now claims that he’s boasting a 67% match rate, and has only been ghosted (or “AFK’d” as he calls it) twice. “I learned pretty quick that GLHF makes a terrible pickup line, but I’ve practiced my rotation enough that it’s basically muscle memory at this point. I have to work extra hard since I’m playing as a male character—we’re pretty underpowered. I’ve seen even more success on my smurf account where I play as a woman. Some unwelcome photographs, though.”

When asked if he’d been on any dates yet, Mark replies, “God no.”

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