Indie Studio Experimenting With Having You Pay For Games Upfront

For years, gaming has been descending deeper and deeper into a disturbing trend: trying to make us pay more than $60. Developers have been scrambling to sustain their profits despite radically increasing production costs, and if you’re as sick of that bullshit as we are, then we have great news for you! Indie studio One Shot is experimenting with a new way to pay for games: a single, up-front cost that just gets you the whole thing!

“Kickstarters, Early Access, and microtransactions have some justifiably shaky reputations, so we thought: what if we just made a game, and gave our customers the entire thing?” said studio head Jordan Richardson. “We’re really trying to innovate and push the boundaries of what can be done with payment models, and I think we’ve found something really special here.”

In a radical new approach, all of One Shot’s games reportedly release in an entirely complete state with no game-breaking bugs on release day and are continually updated with additional content patches, all for free, at semi-regular intervals for a few years after launch.

When asked if One Shot’s games are fun or interesting to play, Jordan responded, “Oh, absolutely not. We’re not making nearly enough money for something like that.”