Quiz: Tell Us Your Favorite Games, And We’ll Tell You The Exact Time Of Your Death

Let's start with an easy one: Which of the following games was your favorite to play on the Gamecube?

How about your favorite game on the PlayStation 2?

What was your favorite game on your friends XBox 360 that your parents never got for you because they said they couldn't afford it?

What's the game you play most on PC?

What's your favorite Battle Royale?

Quiz: Tell Us Your Favorite Games, and We’ll Tell You The Exact Time of Your Death
March 2nd, 2071, Mercy Grace Hospital

You're surrounded by your friends and family. You all reflect on a life well-lived, and you explain to your many grandchildren the secret to a life of fulfillment is to avoid League of Legends at all costs.
November 14th, 2020, an empty field near your apartment

The ranked season ended, and so did you. Maybe your version of heaven is actually making Challenger, or Gold I. Instead of surrendering at 20 minutes, you surrender your life as the fog rolls over the trees in an abandoned field down the road. Your only regret is that you'll never know if NA wins Worlds next year. (They don't.)

You are eternal, you are the cosmos. The Gods of this reality deemed your decision to consider Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal as your favorite PS2 game to be so enlightened that you have been blessed with eternal life and knowledge. You were old when the Earth was young, and you will be young when the universe has perished.
Right now

Your taste in games is so despicable you have been deemed an enemy of the state. There's not stopping them now. We wonder if you even got the chance to read this.
June 6th, 1968, Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles

You die in the hospital after being shot by the assassin Sirhan Sirhan in the kitchen hallway of the Ambassador Hotel. Your legacy lives on through your wife Ethel, who founds the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights in your honor.
Giltork 7th, 3066.7, The Triton Terraglobe

You do your best to limit the casualties of your men, but the Gloksnars just keep on coming. Perhaps humanity was never meant for the stars. As your vision slowly fades to black and your augments lose power, you wonder if the colonists on Neptune XIII have suffered the same fate. Which of your men triggered the airlock? Was there also a mutiny on the other moons? You find no answers and you slip away.

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