Destiny 2 Community Rallies To Avenge Death Of PC Player Base

With the release of Destiny 2’s third expansion, Forsaken, players of Bungie’s hit massively multiplayer shooter are more hyped than ever to go to war. This time, we’re avenging the untimely death of one of Destiny’s most beloved underdogs: one that was always quick with a joke, yet never quite got the attention it deserved. That’s right, we’re talking about the PC player base.

With no regard for spoilers, Bungie showcased the controversial death as early as the E3 reveal trailer. Forsaken features a fully realized story complete with dozens of hours of missions, adventures, and an expansive raid to seek out revenge for what Bungie has gone on record calling “a dead horse.”

“We’ve learned a lot about what players want over the span of the past year,” said game designer Luke Smith when asked about the decision to kill off the franchise’s red-headed stepchild. “We came to the conclusion that the PC population was already suffering so much that we might as well put it out of its misery.” When asked about the possible similar fate of the in-game LFG feature “Guided Games,” Luke refused to comment, simply stating, “we’re listening.”

When pressed further, we eventually managed a response. “We’ve got our finger on the trigger and we can choose to pull it at any time,” Smith remarked, exasperated. “We probably won’t, but we can. We might.”

The PC community, who Nerfwire understands is voiced by Nathan Fillion, responded “How did you get in my trailer?” when asked about the controversy. Mr. Fillion, (and, transitively, the PC community) must be quite sore about the subject, as our reporter was removed by security shortly thereafter.

Bungie’s refusal to balance PC separately from console in addition to a lack of social features have left the PC community malnourished and brittle. Taking the player base out behind the barn to put it down once and for all, Luke Smith had only this to say: “Nothing personal, Mr. Fillion.”

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