Genshin Impact Not Free When Considering Societal Cost

MiHoYo’s hit RPG Genshin Impact is showing other live service games how it’s done. In the nine months since its release, players have been inundated with a non-stop barrage of free updates, ensuring that even the most dedicated players always have something new on their plates. Genshin has already gone from version 1.0 to 1.6, all completely for free—that is, until you consider the societal cost.

Genshin Impact is the result of incalculable work hours by its developers—and play hours by its community—coalescing into an affront against God and man. When you collect over thirty characters designed specifically to corrupt and weaken the established world order, you’ll understand that there’s nothing “free-to-play” about this game.

Despite the espoused variety, every character shares approximately the same body type and facial structure. The men are even completely devoid of facial hair, ensuring that each male in the game is uniformly categorized as a perfect little twink-faced angel. While such conformity is typical of the gacha (or “waifu collector”) genre, the ultimate purpose is clear: to infiltrate the minds of our children with a sleekly idealized version of what a person ought to look like, ultimately enslaving them to the anime-industrial complex.

Don’t believe us? Just look at the deranged ravings of Genshin fans on social media outlets. The community may appear innocuous on the surface level, but just beyond that veneer of normalcy are the poor lost souls who say things like “climb with Lisa” so that you can peek up the character’s skirt, or “god fuck i want to have sex with mona so bad it’s literally all i think about please just let me feel that i would literally do anything for that feeling, it has to be her, it can only be her.” Also, they seem to really like Venti, who is objectively the worst character.

Stay on your toes, gamers. Genshin Impact is far from the only free-to-play title designed to seduce you into sacrificing your identity until the whole of society is brought to its knees—it’s just more successful. Join us next week when we’ll beg the question: League of Legends—is it the best game ever made?

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