Stardew Valley Updates Just As You Got Your Life Back Together Again

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone is at it again with yet another free update to Stardew Valley, a game that was released to immediate acclaim in early 2016 and has been supported lovingly by its creator since its conception, even almost 4 years later. Fans are once again singing ConcernedApe’s praises for his continued labor of love, while also getting their affairs in order before neglecting their jobs, personal relationships, and families for another 300-hour playthrough.

“I can’t wait for it drop on Switch, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to start playing on PC right away,” says Jason Fritz, who was just promoted to Senior Marketing Executive at his job, a position that he will soon lose after being fired within the probationary period. “ConcernedApe said there’s a new end-game mystery. Can’t wait to figure it out!”

The 1.4 update is relatively vast—the Nerwire team is especially excited for the new tracks added to the Stardew Valley soundtrack, which lands easily in our top five all-time favorite lists. The full changelog for the patch is a good eight or nine long scrolls down the page, and many players are calling it more of an expansion than an update. The comments below the announcement are full of grateful fans who are in the beginning process of failing to study enough for their upcoming finals and dodging questions about school for the entirety of winter break.

“I really can’t wait to get back into this game—I put it down last year after a really great playthrough and I’m excited to pick it up and do it all over again,” says future emergency vitamin D injection recipient Paula Reagan. “Maybe I’ll be able to get some friends in on it with me with some multiplayer,” she finishes, a thought that would eventually lead separately to a divorce, a home foreclosure, and a decision to go “live off the land” among her friend group.

When asked about his plans for his new game which is currently in development, ConcernedApe replied, “A complete destruction of the US economy.”

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