Streamer’s Significant Other Clearly Wants More Attention From Chat

Biff “DadBod” Taylor is quickly becoming one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. Not only is he one of the greatest Among Us players to grace the platform, but he has an incredible ability to engage the audience with his takes on upcoming games. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t report on the most intriguing personality of Biff’s rise to fame: his attention-seeking girlfriend, Tiffany.

TIffany was an infrequent appearance during the early days of the stream, but as the audience grew, so too did her curiosity: specifically on chat’s opinions of herself. Tiffany would end up appearing more often in front of the camera. She started by walking slyly in the background, clearly looking for reasons to enter the room, but as time passed, her introductions became more elaborate, eventually culminating in her crashing in through a locked window and screaming, “Hey y’all, look! PogChamp!”

Most of these feats were usually met with a wave of “monkaS” flooding the chat, much to Tiffany’s displeasure. Her frustration grew even more when chat started referring to her actions as “a total whompers move,” which DadBod explains has been a long-running inside joke that wouldn’t make much sense to anyone outside of regular viewers.

Tiffany would later strive to find recognition from chat by starting her own Twitch channel called “RadBodBae.” However, most attempts she made to vlog or play trending games usually ended up with a stream full of ResidentSleeper emotes. Often, the only exciting occurrences happened when the DadBod fans raided to post emotes of the Mario enemy “whomp” and gifs of T.J. from Disney’s hit animated show Recess saying “This stream whomps!” All of Tiffany’s demands to know what “whompers” means were only met by further ridicule, spams of Kappa, and insistence that she wouldn’t get it even if it were explained to her.

[Editor’s note: no one at Nerfwire understands what “whompers” means. Please don’t tell any of Biff’s fans, or else they’ll make shitposts about us for his monthly community content night.]

Tiffany, now nicknamed “Whompers Queen” by the DadBod Squad, finally resorted to a last-ditch effort to corral Biff’s fanbase: she would start streaming in sports bras and low-cut shirts. Unfortunately for her, it’s common knowledge that such practices repulse the average Twitch viewer, and that no streamer could feasibly build a channel through their appearance alone. On the contrary, polls show that the overwhelming majority of viewers log on to Twitch for the most advanced and up-to-date Fall Guys strategies.

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