Great News! Opponent Who Topdecked Lethal Now Paralyzed From The Neck Down

Hearthstone can be tough. Remember that time when you were so close to coming back from a bad game, and you finally had your opponent on the ropes, but at the very last second, he drew lethal and killed you? Well great news, gamers! That guy is now paralyzed from the neck down in real life!

The man in question, Brian Halpert, was driving through an intersection one night when he was struck head-on by a driver going 20 miles above the speed limit. Sixteen straight hours of emergency surgery later, Brian was back on his feet, albeit not literally. He’s lucky to still be alive, but not as lucky as he got during that game of Hearthstone!

As a quadriplegic, Brian has no feeling or motor function in any extremity. He is no longer capable of feeding or bathing himself and requires near round-the-clock supervision simply to function on a day-to-day basis. That’s what you get for playing aggro decks, am I right? Karma can taste so good!

Reports indicate that Halpert was the only person to ever get lucky in a Hearthstone game, and that every single person who has ever lost undeservedly was facing him. Now that he is no longer capable of operating technology in any meaningful way, the game can return to its naturally 100% fair, skill-based state, without Brian there to muck up the results.

We reached out to Blizzard for comment, and they wrote back to us stating that these tragic events were “the only way to balance the game,” but that we “couldn’t prove anything.”