YouTube Algorithm Makes Sure To Recommend Tons Of Minecraft Videos While Girl Over

“Minecraft has really hit a second wind,” says Minecraft community developer Aaron Peters. “We just came out of Minecon, and it was the biggest we’ve had in years. It’s really time for us to start capitalizing and getting more people interested in Minecraft and all we have to offer. And we’re doing that by making sure YouTube’s algorithm recommends as many Minecraft videos as possible when you’ve got a girl over.”

Peters is right: Minecraft, seemingly out of nowhere, is back. Many of us have been recovering our old passwords deep from within the Mojang website to see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same from the game we started playing all those years ago. However, we’re not quite the demographic that Aaron Peters was hired to grow.

“The male gaming market has kind of been saturated at this point, speaking frankly,” Peters goes on to say. “Specifically the 8-25 range that’s been so heavily pursued by game marketing since the 90s. However, there’s not really anything testosterone-fueled or macho about Minecraft—at the end of the day, it’s a game about building and being creative, and we think that’s a universal thing.”

YouTube has long been the connecting thread between Minecrafters—a relationship with the platform that Peters is trying to use to make a change in who’s coming to the Minecraft community.

“We’re aware that a small subsect, and I’m talking a real miniscule amount here, of Minecraft players are dating,” Peters begins, pausing to make sure there are no objections. “And that means that they’re bringing a very, very unique demographic into their homes: women who are interested in dating them. That’s the market we’re trying to capture with this new partnership with YouTube.”

YouTube will now automatically recognize when a user is frantically cleaning their house, not including days when their parents or landlord are meant to be visiting. For that evening, it will prepare several suggested Minecraft videos, ranging from videos going deep into the minutiae of redstone circuits to let’s-players cataloging their experience playing on a server with friends.

“We think that this will bring a few more folks over to our side,” claims Peters in closing, “while also focusing on what’s really important: making sure our users spend more time playing the game and less time pursuing meaningful, in-person romantic relationships.”

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