Wow: This Webcomic Author Insert Is Far More Attractive Than In Real Life

A story today as bizarre as it is shocking: it was recently revealed that the author insert character in the webcomic L33t Str33t is actually far more attractive than the real-life author. This jarring realization has drawn fire for upending the traditional webcomic etiquette of author inserts being far less attractive than the Adonises who craft them.

“If I’m honest, the main character is sort of just me!” said author and hopelessly deluded uggo Randall Prescott. “He sort of just does the things I do, and the [occasional] humor comes from that. Like, he’ll go to parties, talk to girls, deal with dating, and other things that I definitely deal with on a daily basis. Of course, occasionally I’ll just write stuff about hanging out and playing video games with friends, or alone!”

Yes, you read that right. L33t Str33t focuses on something that would generally be considered taboo in the world of webcomics: video games. The square-jawed protagonist often spends hours at a time playing games, followed by a night out with friends who may or may not be based on real-life friends of the author.

Randy, the aforementioned protagonist of L33t Str33t, has dark hair, a slight beard, piercing blue eyes exaggerated for comic effect, and appears to have entered a gym at some point in his life. Although the comic’s “about the author” section was conspicuously absent of a photo of Randall’s troglodytic visage, Nerfwire was able to acquire a pictorial representation of the man by emailing his mom and lying about our intentions. Our analysis is as follows: yuck.

Nerfwire will follow this investigative report with another that alleges that a streamer might not actually have the chill vibes he promises in his bio.

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