Wow: Early Access Game Not Only Survival And Crafting, But Also Open World

Epic news, gamers: we at Nerfwire just got word that Steam’s newest early access game, Sun Valley, is not only a survival and crafting game, but also open world. Just the words “early access survival” spark such confidence and excitement that it’s hard not to cry, but to add on the additional genres of open world and crafting brings us to such ecstasy that it would be inappropriate to discuss it among good company.

“It was a long journey to make this game,” said Sun Valley’s lead and only developer, Jim Wang. “At first, I brainstormed for hours and I couldn’t figure it out. I got that it was survival, I knew that there had to be crafting, and I also knew that the only way I could get it out would be to put it in early access on Steam, pretty much permanently. But still one part eluded me, until one day I went for a drive and realized that the world is open. Suddenly it clicked and I knew that this game needed to be all four to work.”

Players will be able to build dwellings, roam around a massive, randomly generated world, and fight against weather, hunger, and monsters to survive. Also, they will own a game that is in no way guaranteed to be finished at any point in the future, despite it being forty dollars.

Many reviews for the game don’t reflect on its survival systems or even the PVP combat mechanics, instead focusing on the fact that the game’s trailer featured several women with large breasts that aren’t given nearly as much time in-game as the trailer seemed to indicate. This appears to be what has kept the game from an “overwhelmingly positive” score on Steam, as the current most popular review reads: “In the next patch they should fix it so every character has huge tits, and then it will be a recommendation from me.”

Sources confirm that the next game from the studio will be a space combat simulator that will require 600 million dollars of crowdfunding.

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