WoW Damage Meters Now Just Say ‘Not Enough’ In Your Dad’s Voice

The elusive art of dealing damage in World of Warcraft is a skill can take hundreds of hours of practice and experimentation. Veteran players deploy a variety of tools to maximize their damage output, frequently making use of addons that track their damage-per-second. The question is: has it been enough? The community is starting to say no. More and more DPS addons now just say “not enough” in your dad’s voice.

“I used to play super casually,” says local gnome rogue and disappointing son Señorstabby. “Now I’m working myself to the bone trying to peak those damage charts. My guild has definitely noticed the improvement, and even though it’s been a major drain on my mental and physical well-being, their praise superficially fills the emotional void that my father left in me. But not enough. Never enough.”

WoW players often report feeling burnt out by the grind as they struggle to find the motivation to keep playing: a problem modders aim to solve. Now, if you install Recount, Details, or any of your favorite DPS meters, you’ll never want to stop getting better, no matter how bad it hurts!

“I’ve been working on my rotation for 16 hours a day,” says elemental shaman and financial burden Gotoel. “I must be doing top DPS for my spec at this point, right? I’ve been doing everything I can to make the little numbers into bigger numbers. Maybe this will make him come back. Do they know where he is? How did they get his voice?”

“Actually, we took a lot of inspiration from the lore,” comments Resike, current owner of Recount. “Garrosh Hellscream, for example, is a character who wanted nothing more than to live up to his father’s legacy of greatness, and as we all know, that turned out awesome for everyone.”

“Dad, if you’re reading this, please call,” Resike added.

Game director Ion Hazzikostas, when asked to comment on the controversial new trend, responded, “Hey, whatever keeps ‘em subbed.”