Which Overwatch Character Are You?

How do you fight your foes?

Where are you from?

How do you view the Omnic crisis?

What's your favorite number?

Are you complete fucking bullshit?

What's your ideal partner like?

If you were a German philosopher, who would you be?

If you were a tropical fruit, what kind of fruit would you be?

If you could travel back in time and kill Hitler, would you?

How much porn of you is there?

You’re walking alone, in a quiet street. The sky overhead is gray, like a tombstone. It has just begun to rain, drizzling around you, making outlines seem blurred and indistinct. In your left hand, you hold a bottle—what it contains doesn’t matter, as long as it takes the pain away. In your right hand, you hold a gun—it contains six bullets, one of which you’ve vowed to save for yourself. A man is ahead of you. When you pass him, you realize he has no eyes. What do you say?

Your Overwatch character is...
Maeve from Paladins

After making a name for herself as a skilled thief and knife-fighter, the half-tigron Maeve decided to join the war for personal gain, selling her services to the highest bidder. She dashes from shadow to shadow with unnatural agility, concealed by her magical longcoat, a souvenir from one of her most daring burglaries: the Magistrate's fortress keep. While her employers find her talents useful, they often complain of suspiciously misplaced valuables and lost coins after she moves on to the next fight.
Seris from Paladins

A being from beyond the Void, Seris has taken the name of the city she completely destroyed upon first setting foot in the world of the living. Draining the souls of her enemies and occasionally restoring them to her allies, however, pales in comparison to her unnatural prescience, granting her the ability to see into the past and predict the future all at once. She appears here and there in time and space, always at the opportune moment to change the course of events toward some unknown but seemingly inevitable fate.
Tyra from Paladins

Raised to shoot straight and survive the harsh winters of the frontier, Tyra signed on with the Magistrate army at a young age. After the Sentinels' disastrous final mission, she returned to her homeland to make a living tracking down the monstrous threats to the common folk that lurked beyond the fringes of the Realm. Her unyielding stamina and pinpoint accuracy with the rifle serve her well in her new role: helping the Resistance fight back against the Magistrate and bring an end to the war that rages across the Realm.
Bomb King from Paladins

During a fortress siege long ago, a clever warlord decided that the best way to breach her enemy's defenses was by creating walking bombs. Her warlock accidentally brought one of the larger bombs to life, creating the Bomb King. After destroying her entire army himself, Bomb King struck out on his own delusional quest to visit all the lands under his rule. The common folk know better than to offend or even stand very close to him, as his regal demeanor can instantly change to furious, explosive rage at any moment.
Makoa from Paladins

Once the dedicated protector of an island home of the Ska'drin, the ancient Makoa has now been summoned to wage war against the Magistrate on the mainland. Though he hopes to one day return to the islands, he fears that the unappeased volcanoes will rend them asunder in his absence. In the meantime, however, he brings both the fury of the ocean and the indomitable resilience of the tortoise spirit, as well as various naval implements, to bear against those who would defile the natural world.
Fernando from Paladins

Though not of noble birth nor having any real combat training, Fernando assumed the mantle of knighthood when the knight he served met an untimely fate. From that moment on, he wandered from one heroic adventure to the next, making a name for himself throughout the Realm. When the Magistrate called on all loyal houses to join their efforts against the Resistance, he heeded their summons with pride. If his valor in combat and charming confidence can keep his allies from discovering his secret, he might just live to become the champion he knows he can be.

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