Vashj’ir Seahorse Ready To Go Whenever

Sitting deep within the confines of the “Mounts” tab, the Vashj’ir Seahorse is reportedly ready to go whenever.

“Still here and ready to rip it up,” the zone-specific mount reportedly said at press time, reminding players of its once-blistering 450% underwater movement speed. “Look at this Fathom Dweller guy here. I could swim circles around him, provided we’re in the specific zone of Vashj’ir.”

Sources reportedly heard the aquatic mount wishing a Throne of the Tides timewalking event would come about soon, and mention how well Shimmering Expanse holds up to “all these newfangled max-level zones.”

Vashj’ir Seahorses owned by druids everywhere have written in to tell this particular seahorse that it has nothing to complain about; a view that was also shared unanimously by Qiraji Battle Tanks.

The Subdued Seahorse could not be reached for comment.