Valorant Severely Lacking In Characters You Don’t Have To Aim With

Riot Games’ new shooter, Valorant, has been out for some time now, and hasn’t been without criticism. Whether it’s got to do with its anti-cheat being too invasive, or the player base being as toxic as League of Legends’ player base, except in your ears this time. Riot fans are now taking shots at the game for another reason, however—it doesn’t cater at all to players who have no intention or ability to aim whatsoever while playing their hero of choice.

“Honestly, I expected a bit more out of Riot when it comes to this kind of thing,” begins Tara Nicholson’s sudden and unwarranted rant in response to our question of how she’s liking the new shooter. “It’s like, in League, sometimes I want to really get my game face on and try hard, I’ll play Nidalee, or Thresh, or Lee Sin, or something. That’s fair enough. But the other eighty percent of the time, I want to half pay attention to a podcast while I’m eating a quesadilla. That’s when I break out the Warwick or the Singed. Know what happens when I play Valorant? My quesadilla gets cold.”

After excusing ourselves from our interview with Nicholson, we are assailed by another opinionated Riot fan, Tyler Porter.

“I agree with what she was saying there. And you know what, honestly, like, not all of us have the time to become masters of these games, okay?” he tells us, indicating he is clearly very bad at playing video games. “I liked it in Overwatch when I could be Lucio and just skate around. You couldn’t even shoot his gun I’m pretty sure, you would just skate around, and that would help. That was fun. Or you could just play Torbjorn while you go grab food and tell your girlfriend to hit Q every couple of minutes.”

After both interviews, Nerfwire suggested that the gamers try PUBG, where it didn’t matter if they were aiming or not.

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