Up And Coming Streamer Excited To Get Her Very First Stalker

Local streamer Anna “ePocalypse” Irving has quickly risen through the ranks of the Twitch hierarchy this month, peaking at nearly 15,000 concurrent viewers despite having only just started her streaming career at the age of seventeen. We spoke with Anna for her thoughts on what makes her appeal so unique, and how she’s handling her sudden success. “I’m trying not to let it go to my head,” Irving states. “But after so much time streaming to just ten or eleven viewers, I can’t help but feel excited now that I’m taking off. I even have my very own stalker now!”

Anna reports that her mysterious stalker is a user under the name DangerRanger (and various iterations thereof, as he has created multiple accounts after being banned repeatedly). DangerRanger has reportedly engaged in many endearing activities, such as sending flowers to Irving’s home address and requesting pictures of her feet. “I certainly never told anyone where I live,” Anna claims, “so that’s some true dedication! I didn’t know anyone cared that much, it’s very flattering.”

“He also has my phone number, apparently,” the streamer continues, a big, toothy grin on her face. “He texted me a photo of me walking to school the other day. No idea how he got that, but it sure is kind of him! I spoke with the police, but they said there was nothing they could do! Isn’t that crazy?”

Irving also reports that the stalker has made numerous unwelcome sexual advances on her, despite her status as a minor. “I love being a woman!” she exclaims. “I hope this keeps happening for the rest of my life.”

“Most of my viewers just show their support by subscribing or making donations through my Twitch channel,” Anna explains. “I have a Discord server and everyone in there is really sweet and seem to genuinely enjoy my stream. But only one of them can claim to be my number one fan!”

She even extolls DangerRanger’s reported fetishization of her racial background. “I tried to explain that I’m only half-Asian, but in retrospect, I don’t know why I thought that would change anything. Isn’t his obsession just so charming and normal? Why isn’t everyone like this?”

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