Unwatchable: The Witcher Netflix Series Has A Half-Puerto Rican Boom Mic Operator

Uh-oh, gamers: it looks like yet another franchise is bowing down to the SJW outrage machine, and one of the most renowned game franchises of all time to boot. Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the Witcher games is due to release in the final quarter of 2019, so it’s safe to say that production is already approaching completion. That’s why it’s so disappointing that we’re only just now finding out the bad news: the series will feature the work of a half-Puerto Rican boom mic operator.

For a long time, The Witcher has been spearheaded by people who look like us. Our people: gamers! Henry Cavill—Superman!—is playing the lead role as Geralt. Tomasz Bagiński, the cinematic director from CD Projekt Red, is slated to direct at least one episode. Lauren Hissrich is the showrunner, which is mostly fine. But this guy on the boom mic, credited as Jonathan Acosta, is descended from only one American parent. Okay, Puerto Ricans are technically American citizens, but you all know what we mean.

All of these people have one thing in common. See if you can spot it. That’s right: they’re gamers!

Look, since we can already hear the cultural Marxists on Twitter sharpening their pitchforks and gearing up to silence us, let’s get this out of the way: we love minorities, full stop. It should go without saying that we absolutely abhor racism and feel nothing but pride for our Latino neighbors, coworkers, and cab drivers—plain and simple. Our only question is this: why is the boom mic operator half-Latino? If there’s no reason for it, all you’re doing is pandering to the rabid leftist agenda. It just feels totally forced.

Anyway, we need to cut this article a bit short—we just got a lead that the storyboard artist for God of War went to a Mexican restaurant once.

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