Twitch Partner Banned For Breaking Rule That Doesn’t Exist Yet

Today, Twitch’s ban hammer has found its next victim: Minecraft SMP streamer Anna “VoxFox” Barry—and not for the reason you might expect. While it’s rarely evident right away why a streamer was banned, Twitch did give some insight into its temporary ban on VoxFox: she had broken a rule that did not exist yet, but that Twitch reserved the right to enforce at a future time.

“While we know this might sound like a bit of a stretch, rules are rules, and we need to be able to anticipate not only what isn’t allowed on Twitch now, but what might not be allowed on Twitch in the future,” reads the statement tweeted out by Twitch after VoxFox’s channel was removed. “Many streamers express frustration when they are penalized for content on their channel that was clipped from long ago, and we’re trying to rectify that by anticipating what may be banned in the future so that we can ban you for it today. Please respect that we are acting in good faith by implementing these changes in order to strengthen Twitch’s community, platform, and most importantly, advertisability.”

Twitch didn’t disclose which future rule VoxFox had broken in her stream, and apparently didn’t give her any information that wasn’t given to the public. This has led Barry, her followers, and internet onlookers to debate on what exactly caused the VoxFox channel to be deleted for seven days. Some point to the fact that Barry mispronounced the word “guacamole” right before the stream went down, and that this may be considered racist at some point in the future. Others point to a clip of Barry taking the cheese off of her pizza and eating it separately before the rest of the slice—fairly innocuous in the present day, but still kind of weird. Many point to both things in tandem.

In response, many streamers are opting to take down all of their clips and VODs on Twitch in order to avoid all possible bans. When asked what she plans to do when she returns to Twitch, VoxFox replied, “I’m just going to go full meta and write names on my tits.”

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