Todd Howard Pretty Sure He Can Knock Out This Starfield Shit In A Month

“Yeah, Starfield,” mumbles Howard through a handful of goji berries. “Yeah, um—we had a cinematic out, right? That looks pretty good.” It’s the closest thing to an answer that Howard has given us on a Starfield question, now thirty minutes into the interview. “No, yeah, we’ve got guys working on the engine too, but, yeah. I don’t know. I’d over-under that whole thing taking a month, tops.”

Howard then returns to his tangent on how the Wilsons Leather outlet store in Washington didn’t have any actual leather pieces at reduced prices anymore, just “fucking PU leather bullshit at full price,” which he insisted on finishing before taking any new questions.

“What, you think it’ll take longer?” Howard asks, nodding to our intern and offering him a berry. “We don’t start these things until the marketing team puts some cool shit out. When you get the release date, I get the release date, and we get cooking.”

There was a brief silence while our investigative team contemplated how Fallout 76 was actually pretty solid considering this new insight into the Bethesda team’s development cycle. “Look, nobody likes how the sausage is made, but we’re in here making the beef, okay? Leave it to the Toddster.”

At this point, Howard stood up, revealing both that the interview was over and that he had been wearing basketball shorts the entire time. “Anyway, it’s 10 AM, which means I need to get to Walmart to buy the stuff for our daily 11:30 AM to 2:45 PM outdoor barbecue, feel free to stick around.”

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