The Next Andy Serkis? Check Out This Guy’s Smeagol Impression

Have you heard the news that’s sweeping across the entirety of Greg’s parents’ basement? It’s all true: Tristan has a baller Smeagol impression, and we daresay he might just grow up to be the next Andy Serkis.

Character actor Andy Serkis is best known for his brilliant motion-captured portrayal of Smeagol (and his dissociated identity Gollum) in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. Serkis lends the character a nasally, high-pitched voice, which Tristan absolutely nails. Seriously, you gotta hear this. The man brings the house down.

Serkis brought a grim yet charming macabre to the disturbed former hobbit, sometimes acting out entire conversations between Smeagol and Gollum. The actor was lauded for his exceptional performance in the films, and is considered by many to have been snubbed out of an Oscar. Similarly, Tristan has received high praise from Greg, Tyler, and even Jeremy for his five-star impersonation, an act which Greg’s parents give two thumbs up, one each. He does the crouch and everything.

When asked how he brought such depth to this character, Andy Serkis has gone on record describing Gollum as being like an “addict,” with the One Ring as his focal obsession. Tristan agrees.

Upon hearing this epic Smeagol impression, Matt asked Tristan whether he could do some of Serkis’s other iconic roles, such as King Kong, Baloo, or Snoke. As expected, the world’s most accomplished motion-capture star was no match for our boy. He’s a savant, we’re telling you—we can’t stress enough how funny his gorilla noises were.

Tristan’s mom reports that he’s “a gifted child” and “very creative,” and gosh, we couldn’t agree more. We hope to see more from Tristan on the big screen very soon, or in a YouTube impressions reel with 47 views.

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