The 3 Best Gaming Chairs To Launch Into The Stratosphere With This Sickass Trebuchet

On the surface, the decision of which chair you use may seem like a minor detail at best. However, if it’s something you use every day, ensuring proper ergonomic comfort can be vital for your long-term health and posture. That’s why, for this week’s Nerfwire Build Guide, we tested out the market’s most popular gaming chairs by launching them into the fucking stratosphere with this sickass counterweight trebuchet.

1. Secretlab Omega

The Omega is a bit tricky to assemble, but it’s a cake-walk compared to the masterful construction of a wooden trebuchet from scratch. The price tag is nothing to sneeze at, but your wallet will thank you when, instead of buying it, you choose to launch this 66-pound projectile over 500 meters in the direction of an invading rival force right from the Best Buy parking lot. Secretlab designed this chair for maximum comfort, but don’t worry: despite the cushioning, it’s still a heavy, blunt object careening towards your foes at terminal velocity.

2. NeueChair

Considered more suitable for offices rather than home settings, the NeueChair prioritizes function over form. There’s nothing flashy about it, but the sleek black mesh that comprises the backrest makes this chair incredibly aerodynamic while soaring through the ozone layer. It took centuries for the advent of gunpowder to outclass the trebuchet on a widespread scale, but we demolished this chair in a measly eleven seconds. Now that’s fast.

3. GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair

Much like how the counterweight trebuchet was a popular siege weapon in both the Christian and Muslim Mediterranean throughout the 12th century AD, the GTRacing Pro Series is immensely popular amongst gamers on a budget. Providing a quick and comfortable seating option at a fraction of the cost of a high-end chair, these stylish seats make excellent cannon fodder while you hold off on the big guns. For the cost of a single NeueChair, you could easily propel three of these bad boys towards a horde of Mongol conquerors. They look good and feel good too.

Thanks for tuning in to another Nerfwire Build Guide. Next week, we’ll walk through which PC cases make the best ammunition for catapults, which, as the inferior siege engine, wouldn’t be capable of launching something as heavy as a gaming chair, fucking obviously.

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