Terraria Releases Its Final Update For Fourth Time

It’s been a long time coming. Terraria’s final update, Journey’s End, went live for desktop players on May 16, the game’s nine-year anniversary. At long last, this marks the fourth time that Terraria has released its final update. It’s probably around four, anyway. Hard to say for sure.

The new content patch, version 1.4, has an absurdly long changelog, which makes sense considering it’s the first attention Terraria has received since its previous final update, version 1.3.5, back in 2017. That version was pretty light, but we all just kind of assumed it was the final update because, again, it was in 2017.

Before that, final update version 1.3.4 in 2016 added crossover content with Dungeon Defenders II, so you can’t blame us for assuming the game was finished at that point.

In fact, we’ve been riding on the coattails of the most recent major final update, version 1.3, since 2015. After all, that’s when they introduced Moon Lord—the final boss—and yoyos, so of course we thought this thing was beyond done. In the five years since 1.3, we’ve seen little more than a few touch-ups, including controller support, Mac and Linux releases, and crossover content with Dungeon Defenders II.

In any case, Terraria players, we hope you enjoy Journey’s End. It might be the last content you get to play before the actual final update, version 2.0, in 2035.

(Editor’s note: At the time of this writing, there have been three hotfix updates since the release of Journey’s End.)

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