Super Mario 4D All-Stars Suddenly Materializes On Store Shelves, Still Poorly Emulated Garbage

A flash of light shot through game stores worldwide last night as the Super Mario 4D All-Stars collection materialized from thin air onto store shelves. Unheard of until now, this new collection of Mario games has been creating quite a fuss in the Nintendo community.

“I have to admit, I was a little shocked at first,” says Adam D’Angelo, a popular Nintendo YouTuber and Twitter icon. “While I love anything and everything Mario, this collection of future classics leaves quite a lot to be desired.” Adam isn’t alone in expressing his discomfort with the collection.

Recently, dataminers have found that the collection’s version of Ultra Mario Universe isn’t natively ported to the Switch. Rather, it uses a cheap virtual console emulator for the Switch U (Nintendo’s future, worse console). In fact, various known emulation glitches like temporal distortions and eldritch voices hijacking audio clips are present in the final copy.

A particular sticking point with critics of the game comes from the fact that the Super Mario 4D All-Stars wasn’t even fully scaled up to 1080p. In fact, games like Giga Mario Solar Flare are actually downgraded from their original 16K resolutions to a paltry 720p.

Not all changes were disappointing, however. Many Nintendo fans were pleased that the 4D collection has allowed gamers to opt out of the mind control scheme originally intended for Super Mario 4D World. Instead of having to think twirly thoughts to make Mario do a spin jump, the Super Mario 4D collection allows you to achieve the same feat just by pressing Y.

“Don’t get me wrong” says Adam, “I am as nostalgic for Nintendo’s future Mario games as the next Nintendo fan, but frankly, this comes off as lazy. I expect more from Nintendo.”

When asked about the concerns, current Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa stated that the 4D All-Stars collection was merely a way to allow fans to experience their favorite eventual Mario titles on current hardware. 

Furukawa did add that Super Mario 4D All-Stars would only be available for a select amount of time. After the sale period of the collection is over, they will once again slip back through the dimensional rift they came from.

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