Streamer Just Wishes Chat Wanted Him To Succeed

The life of a streamer isn’t easy. They have to spend all day in front of a computer doing what most other people do for fun, but for work, and their only reward is millions of dollars and a very niche fame. Many streamers wish for more subscribers or views, but Mads “MadMads” Madsen just wishes his chat wanted him to succeed.

“These guys are so mean to me,” said the Danish variety streamer. “Every time I do anything even mildly wrong, I see an immediate, blinding crawl of PepeLaughs or a series of emotes that all indicate how humorous they find my playing to be. That really hurts my feelings. Day in and day out, they seem to be hoping I fail so that I have some kind of mental break on stream. And if I ever talk back, they say I’m ‘malding’ and call me a boomer. I’m twenty-nine years old and have a full head of hair, why are they obsessed with this balding shit?”

Madsen confided in us, off the record: “I feel like I’m being bullied. I don’t feel like they’re laughing with me, I feel like they’re laughing at me.” In response, we chanted “Sadge” until he stopped responding to us and retreated into the bathroom to cry.

Some users of Madsen’s chat feel differently, and mistakenly believe that all of their mockery is in good fun.

“I have been psychologically abusing Mads for about five years now,” said one of his chat moderators responsible for banning and then quickly unbanning troublemakers. “I joined when I saw he was playing Hearthstone, and I thought to myself, ‘Hey, this guy seems nice, I would sure love to non-stop berate him for any small mistake he makes.’ Here it is, five years and no girlfriends later, and I spend all of my time banning people who ask innocuous questions and shit-talking this guy who provides me with free entertainment.”

Just as he finishes telling us this, a text-to-speech voice reads his subscription message on stream: “I miss the old Mads. You worthless tiny-headed Danish bastard. Feminine hips. Feminine hips. 47 months Pog almost 4 years boys let’s go.”

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