Stream Sniper Shoots Twitch Streamer In Actual Head

In what is being called a “tragedy,” “the work of a monster,” and “a fundamental misunderstanding of a common internet phrase,” popular Twitch streamer Tyler Biggs was shot and killed while playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in his Florida home on Saturday night. The suspect, David Pagall, who Nerfwire has chosen not to name, is currently in custody.

The situation according to the Milwaukee Police Department is that Pagall, who was a fan of Biggs on his Twitch channel, BigBiggs Gaming, went to his home and waited for the streamer to begin the process of entering a game of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. At this point, he shot Biggs in the head with a high-caliber sniper rifle that he’d purchased at Milwaukee’s TJ Maxx retail location.

“Stream sniping has been part of the Twitch community since its inception,” says Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch. “And while we’ve tried to solve this problem with streaming delays and by working with game developers, I don’t really think that we can help with this one. Go talk to the CEO of TJ Maxx.”

Pagall, who spoke briefly with press while being moved to the county precinct, went on record as saying “I did it, guys! Right? Stream sniping! Poggers! Right? Guys?”

Authorities have told the residents of the Milwaukee area that Pagall will remain in custody until his trial next month, and they should not be worried about his KDA getting any higher.

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