Son Of A Bitch: Guy Has Monitor In Vertical Orientation

“It all started when I was looking at my 22 inch monitor, and I just thought, you know, this thing is tiny in landscape, but if I flip this shit vertical? I think I could turn this entire franchise around,” tells local gamer and sex idol Derek Coppola, who is clearly chatting to us with our video window in his vertical monitor like the little flirt he is. “I usually just throw Discord on here, or Reddit, or something. Unless there’s a video. Then I move it over to the other monitor.”

When we asked how it had even occurred to him to commit to the radical act of flipping his monitor on its side, the legend himself simply replied, “just thought it would look better that way. More people should do it, honestly,” Coppola tells us, pretending we could ever be so brave. “Makes your setup look pretty sick.”

Coppola, now known around the Nerfwire office as “Cool-as-ice” Coppola, is quick to list the benefits of moving over to the new monitor, such as being able to see an entire webpage, watch porn that was shot on a cell phone in portrait mode, and “scroll like a real motherfucker if you want to.”

“It only really gets annoying sometimes when you turn the screen on and the Asus logo pops up sideways,” Coppola confides in us, before that son of a bitch reeled us back in by claiming “but you can kind of tilt your head, and boom, you’re there.”

Coppola went on to show us that, son of a goddamn bitch, he had one of those keyboards that splits in the middle to be better for your hands.

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