RPG Character Becomes Alt-Right After Wrong Dialogue Option Chosen

Long Day’s Journey Into Fight is one of the most in-depth and ever-changing RPGs available on the market. Characters will respond to choices you make in a myriad of unique ways—they might become more peaceful, decide to leave the group, or even become alt-right when you choose the wrong dialogue option.

“The fact of the matter is that there are millions of aliens coming into the Nexus every single day,” said companion Shao-Ti, a Compaxian warrior who joined your mercenary group after you saved his cat from a fire. “It’s like you said earlier, I should be proud of my heritage, and I am. Sadly, these dirty aliens have no idea what it is to be Compaxian, but they’re coming in here, committing crimes and marrying our women.”

Shao-Ti has become more openly disrespectful of the opinions of the female and xorkgender members of the party. He also claims that all space wars were caused by a shadowy cabal created by an ancient race, and while this sounded interesting and mysterious at first, it quickly became clear that Shao-Ti was talking about Space Jews.

“Yeah, I think Shao-Ti might need to get some help,” said player-designed character Butts McButts. “He keeps calling me a ‘cuck’ in front of the rest of the team, and when I asked him to stop, he linked me to some bizarre Space Twitter accounts and told me to ‘educate myself.’ He keeps posting on 4chan.space about how blue Compaxian males are the most oppressed group in the universe, but that really isn’t true either.”

At press time, the Compaxian warrior was space-tweeting that he would march on the Center of Galactic Power if his candidate did not get elected to the Council.

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