RiotPhreak Under Investigation By Robert Mueller For Placing Him In Silver

In a bizarre turn of events, Robert Mueller has placed his special council investigation of the Trump administration on hold to turn his sights upon a new target, David “RiotPhreak” Turley.

The 73-year-old man was at his home in New York, doing his ranked placements in his favorite game, League of Legends. When he had completed all 10 matches, going 2-8, he was placed into Silver IV, a fate which he claims to be the fault of none other than the chinstrap-bearded Riot employee himself.

“I use this game to de-stress,” stated Mueller at a press conference, announcing his lawsuit over the weekend. “And being placed in Silver does not help me de-stress. It’s not my fault they’re matching me with noobs who ban my Yasuo. Fix your matchmaking. Or, I mean, my liberties as an American are being infringed on. That’s the problem here.”

It’s uncertain whether Mueller (username Subpoena69) will be allowed a redo on his placements, or be moved back up to Gold III, where he finished last season.

At this time, Riot has yet to release an official statement. However, Phreak himself took to Twitter to respond to the accusations.

Phreak wasn’t the only personality getting in on the feud. Donald J. Trump himself joined in, straight from Mar-a-Lago, to give his two cents.

The court date is set for this upcoming Sunday, and you’re all welcome to tune in, as Riot Games will be streaming the proceedings on Twitch.