Riot: There No Reason You Shouldn’t Win ‘Overwhelming Majority’ Of TFT Games

Claiming that the game is incredibly skill-dependent and also “just so unbelievably easy,” Riot issued a press release today in the wake of the new Teamfight Tactics beta update that insists that there’s no reason you shouldn’t be winning at least 80 percent of the games that you play.

“TFT is an easy game, and people that lose playing TFT are bad players, and probably also unsuccessful in other aspects of their lives,” the release begins before citing some examples. “If you’re carefully trying to build a full Noble comp, and you get knocked out of the game early by somebody who got lucky enough to have an early Ninja/Assassin combo, that player is better at the game than you, and statistically is more likely to have a higher, more stable income than you will ever be able to achieve.”

The release was met with very positive acclaim, with most other players agreeing that you really should just be better at the game after all of these hours playing, and that your win rate most likely points to a deeper issue in your cognitive facilities.

Teamfight Tactics, which Riot refers to as “basically a game for children” in their press release, has become immensely popular as of late, and is expected to continue on this trajectory as Riot continues to put a considerable amount of time and resources into developing the game.

“We mean, just build Gunslinger/Blademaster,” the press release states in conclusion. “Are you serious? Is this really that hard for you?”