Riot Just Goes Ahead And Announces Diablo 4

Happy birthday, League of Legends! Riot has been celebrating League’s tenth anniversary with a whole host of announcements: a new champion, new ways to play, and a ton of new titles. There’s already more than enough news to take in, but it seems Riot isn’t stopping there—they’ve gone ahead and just announced Diablo 4.

“We’ve already announced a fighting game and a collectible card game,” says CEO Brandon “Ryze” Beck, “and quite a few games that people actually want to play on their phones. There’s really nothing better than the feeling of releasing a big new game upon the world, so we just thought, know what? Let’s let everyone know that our friends at Blizzard are putting out Diablo 4. They were going to announce it at BlizzCon, but hey, we’re on such a roll, why not save them the trouble?”

Fans are already in an uproar. “Thank you Riot,” writes Reddit user SevenDeadlyWins. “We’ve been going off of vague leaks for weeks now, it’s nice to have the exact details and launch date like this. Really cool that you guys saved Blizzard all that cash by putting out tons of Diablo 4 branding with Riot’s logo on it, too. It just really goes to show that ethical, moral companies still exist.”

“Last year’s BlizzCon was a disaster,” states Wyatt Cheng, Diablo 3 senior game designer and the face of 2018’s BlizzCon debacle. “This year, we were really hoping the Diablo 4 reveal would bring back some thunder. It was our flagship announcement. What the fuck am I supposed to say now? We’ve got twenty minutes to fill for the intro alone, and all of these pyrotechnics and the big opening number with Rammstein are going to be a bit on the nose now that everyone knows everything.”

Surprisingly, Riot making the announcement for the game has made many fans of the franchise who only gave the news a cursory look think that the game is being developed by Riot. This has, in turn, made a noticeable difference in BlizzCon presales, and has even affected the Blizzard-Activision stock slightly.

The Diablo 4 press release published by Riot finishes, “You’re welcome.”

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