Researching Which Mousepad To Get And Other Ways To Stave Off The Crushing Loneliness

So you’re putting together your brand new gaming PC. You’ve got the latest processor, you found a great monitor and an even better mouse and keyboard, and you’ve installed your favorite OS. You’re done, right? So why do you still feel so empty inside? Hi, today on Nerfwire Build Guides, we’ll be scraping the bottom of the custom PC barrel for any and all excuses to push away those dark thoughts. We’ll start with perhaps the least important afterthought when it comes to completing your rig: choosing a mousepad.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: is anyone capable of loving a monster like me? Look no further, because the Razer Firefly hard gaming mouse mat has you covered. This electronic mousepad is equipped with LED lights around the edges, with full Chroma capabilities—in layman’s terms, that’s 16.8 million colors! At just 0.2 inches thick, the Firefly will spice up any gamer cave without sacrificing stability, and we speak from experience when we say you could use a little stability.

Or maybe you’re looking for something a bit more lowkey? Oh boy, have we got the Tinder alternative for you: the Steelseries QcK gaming mat is the Mad World of simple mousepads. This smooth, all-purpose mousepad will keep you at the top of your game during those 16-hour depressive Call of Duty binges. Get a big bowl of ice cream for breakfast and get ready to shut off your brain, because the QcK is a mousepad that requires virtually no effort whatsoever.

Thanks for tuning in to another Nerfwire Build Guide. Next week: that weird thing that holds your mouse cable and other ways to avoid going to therapy.

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