Protagonist Starting To Realize Gorthax The Soul Mutilator May Not Have Best Intentions

“Wait, hold on a minute,” proclaims sixteen-year-old chosen one Lumin of Wyrthwood. “This epic quest has taken me far beyond the isolated countryside hamlet of my childhood, so maybe I’m out of my element here, but I’m starting to lose faith in the moral backbone of this ‘Gorthax the Soul Mutilator’ character.”

Lumin, a boyishly unintimidating fair-skinned male, has been described by his compatriots as “courageous,” “cheeky but caring,” and “a dangerous liability.” He and his team have just arrived in the industrious city-state of Korlahn. By virtue of their recent acts of heroism, they’ve been invited to a peaceful banquet featuring numerous powerful political figures from across Terratheria, including Gorthax.

“I am willing to humor this parley,” claims Gorthax the Soul Mutilator, Lord of the Nine Horseman, God-King of the Infinite Legion, Viceroy of Hate, Basilisk Wrestler, Wielder of the Murdersword, and Composer of The Death Knell That Shall Sing This Wretched World To Its Most Gruesome And Miserable End. The eight-foot behemoth stares soullessly through scarred, sunken eyes, his voice reverberating within the iron mask that hides the lower half of his face. “However, if negotiations are not to my liking, my armies will descend upon this city like waves in an ocean of blood. The souls of cowering innocents will be ripped asunder by my accursed blade; babes will weep and be silenced. Only then will my enemies truly know what it is to fear. Only then will they understand: today, I have delivered myself unto this place, but soon, it shall be delivered unto me.”

“So, uh, how are you liking the party?” Lumin responds.

“Sometimes I worry about Lumin,” says Arabelle, the chosen one’s potential love interest and deceptively headstrong priestess of the divine goddess Euphonia. “Like, that Gorthax guy is evil, right? Pretty flagrantly evil? I’m not the only one who sees it? Because wonderboy over there sure is taking his sweet time figuring it out. I mean, Gorthax is probably gonna stage a takeover right here at this party, and we’ll have to beat him in a fight but then we’ll lose in the cutscene anyway because we’re not strong enough yet. Later on, it’ll turn out Gorthax is merely a puppet to the true evil, some ancient forgotten god that we’ll defeat easily by believing in each other. Come on, Lumin. Basic stuff. Look! He’s even littering right now!

Lumin was last seen squinting his eyes and stroking his chin in response to Gorthax ripping off a butler’s legs.

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