Progressive Game Lets You Be Gay As Long As You’re A Woman And It’s Hot As Hell

Great news, gamers! There’s a new RPG in town, and it doesn’t subscribe to your archaic gender roles! The game, Super Space Quest, allows any player to pursue same-sex romance options, just so long as your character is female and attractive as hell. Take that, homophobes!

The game, which features its fair share of M-rated content, makes every single female romance option available to women. And don’t think that this boundary-defying title stops there—male characters are able to romance the exact same women that female characters can. Nice!

Female players can unlock these romance options by making sure their user-created avatar meets an internally calculated attractiveness threshold, also known as the “nice boobs algorithm.”

“In a culture full of malice and vitriol, we hope everyone feels right at home playing our games,” says game director Jeff Waterson. “LGBT people have faced a lot of challenges, so we wanted to make sure we got this right, and I think we’ve really got our finger on the pulse with this one. Folks, we hear you loud and clear: what you really want in your games is some hot girl-on-girl action. We get you. There’s nothing more frustrating than blatant misunderstanding from otherwise well-meaning people. As long as there is a clear and present benefit to straight men specifically, we stand with the LGBT community. No uglies though.”

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