Playing Cards Add Expansion Featuring New Suit

The traditional deck of playing cards has been a staple of the physical gaming world for several centuries now. The beloved fifty-two-card deck has garnered quite the cult following since its early access release during the Tang dynasty. Despite its overwhelming popularity, devs haven’t released any sort of patch or update since its release. That all changed this week, however, as playing cards’ newest DLC pack includes a brand new suit!

In addition to diamonds, hearts, clubs, and the crowd favorite, spades, an entirely new suit is being added to the 1.1 release of playing cards. The new suit, called “spikes,” will be the game’s third black suit. This new set of thirteen cards brings the total number of cards in a standard deck to sixty-five. That’s some bad news for fans of 52 pickup!

While some purists insist that another suit will ruin the delicate balance of several card games, many gamers agree that an update to cards is long overdue. Current lead dev Dennis “Stack ‘Em High” Harrison has stated in interviews that “cards just ain’t fun anymore” and that “if you’ve played one round of Texas Hold ‘Em, you’ve basically seen everything there is to see from cards.”

Individual players and tournament organizers alike have retaliated by promising to continue playing with “classic” rulesets. Among the most aggrieved critics of the 1.1 update are solitaire fans, whose gameplay virtually hinges on an equal balance of red and black cards. In response, Harrison merely suggests that these folks “find some friends.”

Some professional players have expressed concern that this could open the floodgate for later changes down the road, like more face cards and entirely new mechanics. Regardless, booster packs including the new spike suit are headed for store shelves soon. If you’re lucky, you might pick up a holographic ace of spikes!

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