PlayerUnknown Really Blowing Secret Identity

You may know him as the masked marauder that brought you the battle royal phenomenon PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: but could anyone crack the man behind the mask?

That’s what what some conspirators on the r/PUBG subreddit are claiming to have done. In a post to the subreddit, user Insane_SRX insists that PlayerUnknown is in fact Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, an Irishman and the creative director of Battlegrounds.

“Have you noticed that you’ve never seen PlayerUnknown and Brendan Greene not in the same room together?” he asks, alluding to the fact that Brendan Greene has identified himself as PlayerUnknown in almost every press event and interview he has ever taken part of. “Or that the PlayerUnknown Twitter seems to only be about the daily life and opinions of Brendan Greene, who once again identifies himself openly as PlayerUnknown?”

The seemingly preposterous conspiracy movement gained traction from there as redditors got digging. User FortniteBandit commented, “This might be nothing, and I know it sounds like a stretch—but the ‘Overview’ tab on the official site explicitly answers the question ‘Who is PlayerUnknown’ with the answer ‘Brendan Greene—Creative Director at Bluehole’. I don’t know though, again, might be nothing.”

One user was so bold as to claim he was Brendan Greene, stating he “didn’t know that people hadn’t drawn the connection.”

The comment, posted by user PlayerUnknown, raises even more questions.