Out Of Touch Streamer Not Responding To My Sexual Advances In Chat

It’s sad when someone you support becomes too big and forgets where they started. Unfortunately, this happened with female streamer and former goddess KiraGames when she recently stopped responding to my sexual advances in chat.

Sometimes when people strike it big they are magnanimous; they remember the people who supported them. I remember when Kira only had 100 followers, and I would donate to her asking if she had a boyfriend and whether she liked guys who were into Monster energy drinks. She would nervously laugh and say no, and maybe. That response filled me with hope and helped me to get through my day and masturbation session. Now, she barely even acknowledges my hundred dollar donations asking her to wear more revealing clothing.

She has ten thousand viewers on average now. That is a lot. I am happy for her. However, I am disappointed that she is forgetting where she came from, forgetting that I was in her chat for hours at a time, spamming messages that made her physically uncomfortable when she just wanted to play video games. What’s next? She will get into a long term relationship with someone who likes her as a person and doesn’t worship her as an idealized angel who can only be attained with bits.

It is such a shame to see someone you used to admire and obsess over move on to success and happiness without the people who boosted her there in the first place. Let it be known that I was one of the first people to offer to buy Kira’s used undergarments, for quite a generous price if you ask me. As a 98-month sub, this has me reconsidering my daily seventy-dollar donation.

Fortunately, I found a new streamer who says she likes music, so she probably will fall in love with me if I send her enough money.

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