Opinion: When I Say Pog I Mean The Old Racist One

PogChamp. There, I said it. I bet you liberals out there don’t want me saying something like that. Or even worse, you’re trying to change the meaning of the word. Classic virtue signaling. I know you want me to be thinking of a lizard person when I say PogChamp, but in reality, I still mean the old racist one.

Sure, for a while Twitch cycled through a PogChamp cast as diverse as the front cover of a middle school math textbook, and I still used the emote. Every single day, whenever a streamer would do something hype, or something so mild that it would seem funny to celebrate it, I would throw out a PogChamp and see the face of inclusion and modernity. But the little secret that no one knew is that I was actually using the original PogChamp in my mind, the one with the Asian-looking guy who apparently incites violence. #NotMyPog. That’s a hashtag I’ve been trying to get started.

The PC police out there probably aren’t even comfortable with me saying Pog. They would probably rather I say the “P-word.” I’ve had a lot of people look at me funny when I say Pog with a hard Champ. Why should I bend over backwards to suit the opinions of others? No one does that for my radically horrible opinions, so there’s no reason I should follow common decency and do it for other, reasonable opinions.

The only recourse we have left is to turn FrankerZ into the new PogChamp. Those reading this article will get it, and anyone else will be completely flummoxed when we tattoo FrankerZ on us and then join the Aryan Brotherhood. We must not let our culture go to waste, and the biggest part of my culture is emotes on Twitch.tv.

Sorry Kripparian, I know this has been an exceptionally long sub message. Can I get a brofist?

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