Only Thing Man Knows About Building PC Is Saying ‘Let’s Water Cool That Puppy’

After seven years as a PC tech YouTuber, Dylan Parker is ready to come clean. He’s been doing the rounds on YouTube since the early days of the PC hardware genre’s rise to popularity on the platform, covering major releases, drama, and controversy to almost 300,000 viewers, but in today’s exclusive with Nerfwire, Parker tells us that he knows next to nothing about hardware. In fact, the only thing he knows about building a PC is looking at the computer, smiling, and saying, “let’s water cool this puppy.”

“Honestly, it started off pretty easy. You can just read the notes they give you on the back of the box, and if a certain number seems pretty high, you can kind of give the camera a look, like, ‘yeah, right,’ you know? People eat that shit up.” This comment comes after our interviewee finished the laborious, 30-minute process of getting the popular tech YouTuber set up recording his own audio from the Discord call. “And then I just hit them with the magic line, pay some other guy to put in some hard line tubing, and I pick up my check from the post office.”

Our interviewer quizzed Parker on some basic hardware components to test the validity of his claim to tech illiteracy, during which Parker identified a stick of ram as a cell phone, and a power supply unit as a bomb. 

“No, I don’t feel bad about deceiving my viewers,” Parker went on to say after solidifying his claim that he truly can’t tell the difference between a CPU and a cork beverage coaster. “I gave them exactly what they signed up for—snide commentary on specifications and needless watercooling of components that are in no way ever affected by thermal throttling. And now, I’m not rich or anything, but I have a weekend car and a big TV, so I’d say I’ve taken this as far as I care to take it.”

We had to respect Parker for his honesty and seven-year hustle, as well as the decision to end the ruse after he’d decided it had run its course. Parker declined to say anything else, and turned off his monitor in an attempt to end the call before walking away to his kitchen in full view of the still-active webcam.

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