Oh, So There Is Falling Damage In This Game


There’s a cliff here. And my quest turn-in is down there. There’s a path down, yeah, but I wonder…

Is there falling damage in this game?

I mean, that path down switches back and forth at least a dozen times. Taking it would be, I dunno, two minutes at least. I don’t even know what happens when you die in this game yet. Maybe it’s permanent?

Oh, this guy is taking the path. So there must be falling damage, right? Or else he would have just tumbled right off. He’s level one too, though, so what does he know? Maybe he’s just not a big picture guy like me. Look at him, running down that path like a sheep. Doing exactly what the developers want him to do.

What about me? We’re both going down there to turn in this quest. So what if we follow two different paths from A to B? I’m still ending up right where they want me. Doing what the Man wants. We’re different, he and I, but aren’t we the same?

No, fuck that, I’m not playing by your rules. I’m taking control of my own destiny. I’m going to jump off of this cliff, and not turn in this quest. I’ll level to the top some other way, and they’ll see me up there in their ivory tower and wonder what went wrong, which cog in their machine caused the jam that brought the entire system to its knees.

Let’s do this. Just a tap of the W key.

Here we go.

Okay, taking longer than I thought, and I’m at goddamn terminal velocity. There goes that sucker walking down the path. What a shill.


Oh, so there is falling damage in this game. But you just get to resurrect. Nice, that’s easy.


I wonder if there’s fire damage in this game?