Not To Be Outdone, LCS Partners With North Korea For Summer

In a controversial move today, the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) has announced their main partner for the summer split, the Saudi Arabian based NEOM. This has been met with outrage from the community and even the LEC casting team, who argue that Saudi Arabia, and more specifically NEOM’s founder and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, work actively to detain LGBT and human rights activists, assassinate journalists, and commit a collection of other human rights violations. Not to be outdone, the North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) has just announced they will be partnering with the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea for the summer split.

“We’re happy to announce our partnership with North Korea as our main sponsor for the summer split,” the press release begins, before casually boasting about the countless atrocities committed by various North Korean governments over the span of several decades. “We look forward to working with Kim Jong-un, who just so happens to be the top-ranked and only player in the North Korean region.”

North Korea is known for a long history of terroristic threats towards the United States, widescale oppression of its citizens, and apparently now for middle-to-low-tier League of Legends play with an overinflated production value. On the other hand, NEOM claims on its website something about “first cognitive cities built on 5G technology.”

Nerfwire has no idea what that means.

LCS fans were immediately critical of the NA competitive region’s new deal. Reddit user and only other Skarner main Ravoras said, “this is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t believe the LCS wasn’t even able to secure a real superpower like Russia or the Illuminati Shadow Government. Dead region.”

Another Reddit user, Vertixals, had this to say: “Even if we could possibly pick up some North Korean imports out of this, and I’m not saying that should be out of the question, are we really willing to sell our moral fiber, our very humanity, to North Korea to make that happen? Obviously if it makes us competitive at Worlds they should absolutely do it, but I just want to make sure they’ve done their homework here.”

At press time, League Of Legends Championship Korea (LCK) had issued a statement, reading, “Hey guys, what the fuck?”

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