No Way! This Guy Has Weed In His Username! Is That Legal?

Okay, this is crazy. I was just playing with this guy in Call of Duty and he had weed in his name. Weed! Like the illegal drug, marijuana? There’s no way that this is legal, right? Should we call somebody?

I promise you, this guy’s name was Xx_WeedNPu$$yCrush3r_xX. Let me break that down for you a bit, because you might not understand just how nuts that is. First of all, it has weed in it. Weed, which is more commonly known as marijuana, is a schedule II controlled substance in the United States. Like you could go to jail for it. Jail is scary; I know, I’ve seen Oz. But this guy doesn’t give a darn. He is just flaunting the fact that he smokes marijuana to all of us. I hope he doesn’t get arrested for this, I would hate for him to get the electric chair.

Almost as crazy is he also has pussy in the name. This guy is definitely nailing women all day every day though, and afterward, he probably smokes the fattest doobies you ever saw. He wouldn’t put it in his name if it weren’t true. Activision must have verified it for him. Probably had to have his dealer and his ladies sign a note.

I saved the craziest thing for last, and you probably aren’t going to believe this because it is so legendary. During the game, when I was camping with a shotgun in a room, he died like fifteen times, and said on a really scratchy mic, “Sorry guys, I am so high right now.” Insane! This man is not only smoking weed during a video game, but he is bold enough to brag about it! What if one of us was a cop? This guy doesn’t give a gosh darn!

Sorry, you’re saying this is something better for the non-emergency line? Thank you, ma’am.

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